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In light of the high technology surrounding the use of our products, it is essential that our clients are able to use them in an optimal manner. Our services aim to facilitate their use, both from a scientific and regulatory point of view, by providing various offers tailored to their specific needs:

Engineering New Forms of Avidin

e-Proteins is able to actively participate in research programs that aim to develop a new avidin derivative for new applications. Our participation will entail the contribution of scientific and/or material resources.

Technical Support

It goes without saying that each client is looking to optimize the use he can make of avidin and its derivatives, and this optimization inevitably involves a slight customization of the product. Experienced in the development of new products, our teams draw on this expertise to assist with the specific needs of our clients according to their particular usage of the products.

Regulatory Support

Submission of a regulatory authorization request file based on the standardized Drug Master File. Our Drug Master File (Q3 2012) is compiled in accordance with international standards in order to facilitate the registration file submission process for our clients. e-Proteins provides assistance to clients as needed, to speed up and facilitate this submission process.


For clinical trials, our product offer is particularly adapted to the needs of our clients in terms of both security of supply and cost management.