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Extraction, purification & modification of egg white avidin under GMP Pharma standards to reliably & consistently produce the highest standard biotin-binding vectors used today in a vast array of biological & physiological applications, including diagnostics and therapies.

Our Values

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enterprise is an enterprise that voluntarily integrates social, environmental and economic concerns into its everyday operations and interactions with its partners (suppliers, clients, employees…) in order to achieve collective wellbeing. For example, the welfare of its employees, their health, the enterprise’s ecological footprint, the global quality of its supply chains, its subcontractors, limitation of profits, etc. This practice calls for a sound perception of the enterprise’s global environment, as well as the ability to maintain a balance between the interests of all of the stakeholders.


e-Proteins has invested in R&D and has successfully implemented an innovative process that keep the Liquid Egg Albumen available for the food industries when our competitors don’t. More than the environment protection, this process enables a highest quality avidin production for a more competitive production regarding its final price.


5% of our company's capital is allocated to our employees, thus enabling them to benefit from our growth. e-Proteins has an active engagement policy towards its senior staff members who contribute not only their expertise but their experience as well.


As a socially responsible company, it is important that we integrate into the society that we are aiming to improve. With this in mind, our donation policy is geared towards supporting projects which receive less visibility and less media attention but which provide their beneficiaries much comfort. Follow our projects.


e-Proteins selects partners that are equal in terms of competence and share its values.